Skimmers are not at the same height on Pool walls

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I'm new here
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Skimmers are not at the same height on Pool walls

Postby KLM4101999 » Mon 27 May, 2019 19:29

We had a 30,000 gallon L shaped inground pool installed near the end of 2017. Last summer was our first year of being able to use the pool, and although we enjoyed it, right away we noticed we had some major problems. The contractor that installed our pool did not confirm the pool walls were level before proceeding to install the liner and fill the pool. Subsequently the (2) skimmers in my pool are at different levels on the pool walls. The pool is supposed to be 96" deep. When the water level is roughly in the center of the opening on the skimmer in the shallow end, the skimmer in the deep end is submerged below the water line and the water is roughly 1.5" from the edge of the liner where it tucks in under the coping. Draining water out of the pool to get the water just below the top of the opening on the skimmer in the deep end puts the water level at about 1/4 way in the opening of the skimmer in the shallow end, and the water depth is 94". The lack of water in the shallow end is causing the liner to not fully seat on the steps. The installing contractor claims this is normal, and there is nothing he can do. He said if it was his pool he would just block off the line to one of the skimmers and run the pool on one. My take is that there are (2) for a reason, I don't know what that specific reason is because I am new to owning a pool, but the pool didn't come with just one so I am not blocking one off and running on a single skimmer. If it was his pool he would have made sure he installed it correctly!!

I can also see that the liner is crooked because the seam near the steps runs on about a 30 degree angle, which I believe is the reason the the liner is floating in that corner.

My real concern is the skimmers not functioning properly becasue they at different heights on the walls. I have to constantly add and drain water to try to maintain a balance where one is not submerged and or the other dropping too low and suck in air.

Is there a retro skimmer kit that can be installed to make one of the skimmer holes larger (or smaller) so they match with where the waterline is so they are both working equally? The one in the shallow end is closest to the pump, and has the least amount of suction.

I am seeking some expert advice on how I need to proceed. I have had words with the contractor about it and he is not budging. The unfortunate thing is I have paid him in full in good faith when the job was complete, and now he will not honor his workmanship and fix the issues we have. I am not one to get on the "SUE ME" train, but if that is what it is going to take to get what we paid for then I need some sound advice and back up info from experts on the need for them to be replaced at the correct height.

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Re: Skimmers are not at the same height on Pool walls

Postby Teapot » Mon 27 May, 2019 23:30

It is not normal! It is bad workmanship. Tell them to fix it or you'll litigate.
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Re: Skimmers are not at the same height on Pool walls

Postby birdiebud » Mon 06 Sep, 2021 12:50

I know this is an old post but, did you get satisfactory resolution on this? We are having a similar issue with our 20x40 in ground steel wall pool (Pool company out of Weedsport, NY). We have two skimmers, one in the deep end on one side and one in the shallow end on the other side. There is a 2.5 inch difference when looking at the skimmers. The pool has water in it but has not been fully finished. The company owner acknowledged that it needed to be fixed and now we haven't heard from him in over a month. Any advice would be welcome.

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