Main Drain Replacement

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Main Drain Replacement

Postby SpicyJenTX » Thu 13 Jul, 2017 13:31

Our main drain cover (642-2100) was hanging on by one screw so we had a pool repairman come out to fix/replace it. We have an in ground vacuum system and a large tree around our pool so the vacuum system is pretty much a necessity for us. When the repairman came out, they replaced the drain cover with something that looks like 640-2390V. We were not told they were replacing it with a different type of cover and came home to find that the new one had no inlet for the leaves to go down the main drain. As you can imagine, the drain cover quickly became a "chia pet" covered in leaves and made the built in vacuum system basically useless. Is there a retro fit debris drain cover solution? We would really just like our pool and vacuum system back to the way it was. We have asked the repairman for our original drain cover back and it was allegedly disposed of. Thanks in advance for any help! :D

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