wrong pool light installed

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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wrong pool light installed

Postby boston814 » Tue 28 Jul, 2020 14:33

So my pool company installed a 120V light and my pool requires a 12V light.

A Pentair IntelliBrite 120V 55w light was installed. The original pool light that was 35 yrs old (not working) was there, and I told them I wasn't sure of the voltage because the light hasn't worked in 20 years and someone should test it before they install it. Well they said it's probably a 120V and thats what they ordered. When the workmen were here I asked them 3 times to test it first and they put it in and said the light is fine and I just need an electrician. They ran a cord from the transformer under the diving board to the electrical outlet on the deck and it worked, which my electrician informed me shouldve been the indicator right there that it needed to be 12V and they shouldve known that, I'm mean I'm clearly no expert on pools or electric. The Electrician confirmed it should've been a 12V light installed.

My question is, how much trouble is it for the pool company to swap out the light for a 12V one? Will I have to drain the pool?

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