Push-fit LED pool lights for 63mm (2.5") pipe ??

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Push-fit LED pool lights for 63mm (2.5") pipe ??

Postby David00 » Sun 23 Aug, 2020 09:14

My pool uses 63mm (~2.5") outer diameter ABS pipe for almost everything - including the light recesses. I have chrome-plated LED lights - similar in shape to Water Tec WT1s. These simply push into the 56mm inner diameter of these 63mm pipes, and are joined via a gel-block connector. All good.

Replacement lights are expensive - well over £100 from the pool company. I've tried to find much lower cost plastic bodied LED lights. Have seen some for 1.5" pipe, but not for 2.5" pipe. While I could use an insert around a light designed for a 1.5" pipe, the light's bezel wouldn't cover the outer edge of the 63mm pipe.

Can anyone suggest a light please? Any light that fits into a recess from 50mm to 56mm with a bezel wider than 63mm would be fine. I'm happy to look at far-flung suppliers.


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Re: Push-fit LED pool lights for 63mm (2.5") pipe ??

Postby Teapot » Tue 25 Aug, 2020 16:59

I will have a look through some catalogues David.

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