Main drain cover problems

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Main drain cover problems

Postby Newpoolguy17 » Sun 20 Sep, 2020 18:33


We drained our pool to repaint the clarity discs and stairs per the health unit’s direction.
Took a peak at the main drain cover. It appears to be screwed in with 2 screws. Removed one screw and the whole cover came off. The 2nd screw was not screwed in at all.

Measured the hole spacing. The holes on the cover are 6”. The cover is 2 years old and was installed at the health units direction. The holes on the main drain (there are 4) are spaced approx 6.5” apart.

I understand the main drain cover is highly regulated. Are there adapter collars? What should I do? Someone suggesting continuing with one screw and siliconing the rest down. I’m not comfortable with that solution given the liability involved.

Are their current code covers with 6.5” screw spacing?

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Re: Main drain cover problems

Postby Teapot » Tue 22 Sep, 2020 17:19

As a minimum you should have two main drains or at leats a Vac-Alert to cut the suction if someone gets on the cover. You'll need a decent pool engineer to identify the cover for replacement and as for the person recommending siliconing the cover down, please give them a slap from me! so bloody dangerous!!! ... Safety_Act

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