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New pool

Postby derrick » Wed 04 Jul, 2018 05:38

Hi all,

I am renovating my home. There is some land near my home and I am planning to build a swimming pool for the kids.
The water lines of my home also needs replacement. The present lines are lead one’s, and also the pressure from the pipes is also too low. If we turn on 2 taps at the same time, the water pressure virtually nonexistent. It is because of a small diameter water supply line. And now since I am building a swimming pool as well, a new waterline is necessary. So I have been planning to hire a waterline installation service provider for this.
My question, is do I need to have a separate water lines for the home and for the pool?

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Re: New pool

Postby bredd » Sun 26 Aug, 2018 06:35

Hi, Good idea to build a pool at your home! I am sure you will get more exciting ideas to build a new pool here people who conduct in pool construction will join you soon. If you go for a job and submit your CV there is no certainty of selection and rejected your candidacy for that job. You need to well prepare before any job applying here are few tips which help you to enhance yourself and skill to write the more effective resume and good communication as well.

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