Researching Pool Business

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Researching Pool Business

Postby PutnamPool » Wed 27 Oct, 2021 20:08

I’m researching the pool industry for a software company and am interested in learning more about how pool pros in cold climates open and close their seasons. I have a pro for my pool that does not put me on an agreement and I think that’s kind of rare in colder climates but not sure.

Able to pay $250 to any provider that could help me out with an informational interview. Not a sales call at all, just trying to learn more about the industry. Thanks for the help!

Swimming Pool Pro
Swimming Pool Pro
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Re: Researching Pool Business

Postby Teapot1 » Thu 28 Oct, 2021 01:46

Good luck! Ex industry here but not from cold climates. In my 20 years I have found mostly that pool pros are far from professional, unwilling to change their ways even when faced with the evidence there are better ways of doing things, way too much ego to listen.
Try to get hold of Kim Skinner in California, good guy to talk to.
I may not give you the answer you want to hear, but I will give an honest opinion of your situation as you decribe it.

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