DE filter agent

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DE filter agent

Postby stillcrazy » Fri 15 Feb, 2013 14:43

I ordered a Hayward DE scoop because I could not find out how many cups of water a DE scoop would hold. The long sought answer is 6 cups of water. So get any container, fill it with 6 cups of water and mark it. Now you have a DE scoop! I paid $16 for scoop and shipping for a container worth $2.

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DE filter agent

Postby czechmate » Mon 18 Feb, 2013 08:58

16 bucks buys a decent fifth of whiskey!
All DE filters used to rate the DE fill in number of standard coffee cans. Like 36sqft was a 7 cans.
Later when backwashing, unless you drop the top and hose down all remaining DE, you need about half as much. Otherwise you clog spaces between the elements an rob yourself of available cleaning surface.

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