Las Vegas pool owners beware of scammers Royal Blue Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Las Vegas pool owners beware of scammers Royal Blue Pool

Postby JimInVegas » Thu 11 Jul, 2013 01:48

I hired Royal Blue Pools to clean my pool last year. At first everything was fine. Where it went downhill was when he decided to outsource the work to another company WITHOUT my permission.

These new guys (which cannot be found anywhere online) are supposedly called "Blue Magic Pool and Spa". They do not exist anywhere online and seem to be some sort of phantom company that filed to do business about 6 months ago.

Paul never called me to say "You are being outsourced to another company". He simply sold me out to this phantom company and they are terrible.

"Blue Magic Pools" comes once a week and vacuums the pool. That is it. They do not brush, they do not test, they do not backwash the filter.... nothing.

I just wanted to warn Las Vegas pool owners about these 2 scammers Paul Stone and Michael Brusco

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