Patterned Pool Liners

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Patterned Pool Liners

Postby beSuzie » Sun 25 May, 2014 11:37

I'm just about to order a new pool liner (the Carribean) which has a swirl bottom. We live out in the country so our pool gets a lot of bugs and leaves on the bottom overnight. With a plain blue liner I can see the debris really well when I vacuum, but I'm concerned about the new swirl pattern interferring with this! Can anyone please advise. My kids are super excited about getting the new "fishy" pattern!! But will it be a nigmare to clean?

TSH Tech

Patterned Pool Liners

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 30 May, 2014 03:51

My company has been servicing and installing vinyl liners for a few years and I've seen many patterns coupled with various debris at the bottom of the pools.

I know the fishy design you are talking about. Will it be a nightmare to clean? I think what adds to the challenge of cleaning a patterned vinyl liner is how well the pattern camouflages the bugs, dirt and leaves at the bottom of the pool. As you vacuum the pool, you can't see the debris clearly as the pole stirs the surface of the water. The best way to approach this scenario is before you vacuum, turn of the pump, or if it's off already, look into the pool while the water is clear and calm. You should be able to pick out the debris collection locations piles at the bottom, even with the new fancy vinyl pattern. Setup your vacuum equipment and slowly move the vac attachment so you can see the debris without disturbing the water too much. Regardless of the pool vinyl pattern, this method should ease your cleaning technique so you have a clean pool and everyone has fun. Hope this helps

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