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Postby SummerFun » Wed 06 Sep, 2017 09:46

So we've been in our house for a few years now. The first year the enclosed part (where the pool is) of the backyard stayed nice and clean (somewhat). However, by the second year we noticed leaves and debris just constantly piling up in-between/in the rocks. No matter what we do we cannot seem to keep the rocks around the pool area clean of this junk. And now this year we've had weeds growing all through the rocks like crazy even though we've sprayed the weeds. Just so sick or trying to keep it clean and feeling like we're getting no where that I'm debating on maybe ditching the rocks and putting in grass or some other option. What do you all think? Should we take out the rocks and put in something else or should we just keep the rocks? If you suggest we keep them, can you think of an easier way to keep it cleaned up/free of junk/etc.? Apparently the owners before us had the whole area professionally landscaped before selling and they went through and cleaned all the crap out really well. That's all fine and good but we just can't fork out the thousands of dollars every year to do that. Plus it just keeps getting messed up anyway. It never stays clear of crap. And they say the rocks are supposed to make it maintenance free. Huh! LOL Anyway, looking for something that won't be too crazy to take care of. And it doesn't help that my husband has a heart condition and really can't be doing strenuous yard work either. I'll attach a pic to give you an idea of the area. And this was the first year when it was pretty much cleaned out and still there is stuff you can see. Sorry if this post is in the wrong location.

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