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Pool Jets

Postby Jake » Thu 17 Aug, 2006 07:01

Which way should the jets be turned in the pool? Should they be facing down so they don't blow water above the water line or should they be pointed up to get the surface water moving around?

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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby all4him » Thu 17 Aug, 2006 09:33

I do not know if there is a specific way since the jets can be moved. I personally have mine pointing up so it will break the water line. I do this for several reasons. To move the water for things to go in the skimmers easier when not swimming and I like the way the water looks when the jet break the water line.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby bbmfkp » Tue 22 Aug, 2006 10:01

You want to set your jets up so the water travels counter clockwise around your pool. This keeps good water circulation and makes it harder for algae to develop. Thats what my pool guy told me anyway.
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Postby Walter » Wed 23 Aug, 2006 06:36

if they all point in one direction and cause the water to move in a pattern it will make it easier for debris to go into the skimmer. I am not sure if it matters what direction as in refrence to counter or clock wise.
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Postby Poolguy 1 » Thu 24 Aug, 2006 20:57

You definitely want the jets pointing slightly up for all of the reason stated above. The direction of the jets depends on Skimmer placement. You want the water to move debris toward the skimmer mouth. In round pools all in one direction is fine but in some situations you use the jets to push the debris across the pool to a skimmer.

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