clogged pipes from Katrina debris

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clogged pipes from Katrina debris

Postby pmac » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 10:00

My inground pool was under Katrina water for two weeks. Until last week this water stayed in the pool. I hired a man who pumped the water out, cleaned and acid washed the pool, put two coats of new concret and, bought a new pump and motor. The electricity was not turned on so he couldn't test anything. Once the electricity was connected I turned the pool on and discoved there were many leaks in the pump connections and old pipes connected to the pump and filter. Sooo, I went to the pool store and was told how to correct the problem. IDID IT!!! However, when I turned the pool on dead mice and other debris started to come out of the jets into the pool. Ofcouse my pool guy no longer answers the phone or retunrs calls. I am a 60 year old women with limited funds left for this project. Please teld me what I can to to clean these pipes. The water pressure is low and very little water/air is coming through the jets around the pool.

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