To pool or not to pool???

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To pool or not to pool???

Postby Brittany25 » Sun 16 Mar, 2008 10:58

Hello. My husband and I are buying a home in Phoenix, AZ and are having a tough decision between houses with and without a pool. We have looked at both houses with swimming pools and those without. Our decision about which house to make an offer on rests on whether we should get the one with the pool or the one without. We are curious about the cost of upkeep for a year, an estimate really. The pool is roughly 20x10 ft. I grew up with a pool in the backyard, he did not. I know how much fun it was to grow up with a pool and want that kind of fun for my kids. Another question is how much, in reality, does it cost to put in a pool about the same size if we decide that we'll do it later. Thanks for your help.

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