pool cover with deck

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pool cover with deck

Postby boomer » Fri 21 Mar, 2008 10:11

I plan on building a deck that will completely surround my new above ground pool (not yet installed). How do people who have the same configuration cover their pools for the wintertime? Do you leave a gap between the deck and the pool to pull the cover down in between or do you fasten to the deck?

Also, I would like to have the pump and filter installed under the deck (out of sight) - does this become tedious every time you need to get to them? Is it worth building a trap door into the deck?

Thanks for any opinions.

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Postby DBServices » Fri 21 Mar, 2008 12:13

I have gap above the pool frame and the decking about a 1" gap that I can pull tarp under the decking and over the pool frame. In the summer I just float a solar cover on the water. If you install pump and filter under you deck be careful not to attach you pump or plumbing to the deck. If you do you may pick up vibrations from the pump. I have a door on the side of my decking. I have extend my pressure gauages so I can read them without having to go under the deck. The filter multiport valve is also where I can reach.
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