Iron rich rock causing stains?

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Iron rich rock causing stains?

Postby rb999 » Wed 26 Mar, 2008 17:37

My contractor is nearly finishing my pool project now. The pool has a mossy boulder grotto with a large table top spillover. Up until last week the project was dry as we've gone a month without rain. Last week we had a hard rain storm which "cleaned" much of the stone and rock around the project. What was left was that the 3 ton table top stone that forms the top of my waterfall is now showinga very clear and dark rusted out color. My foreman shrugged it off suggesting that the rock must have a high iron content. My question is whether this iron rich rusted out rock which is where much of the water will flow over as part of the circulating system will cause any rusting or staining of the pool water and or pebble tec plaster or have any negative influence on the pool chemistry.

Thanks for any advice. :?:

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Postby DBServices » Wed 26 Mar, 2008 18:58

If it is iron/rust coming from the rock. Yes, it will stain all the surfaces that contain the water over time even the insides of the pipe. They do have products like iron out or metal out, but they are used for remove the metal in the water after the sources has been removed. As far as water balance I see no real problems. Using the metal out products for a band aid my cause water chemistry problems.
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