Tingling sensation in salt water pool

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TSH Tech

Tingling sensation in salt water pool

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 01 Jun, 2013 15:57

larry h wrote: Our options at this point are to remove the salt water cholorinator and reinstall a cholorine sytem

Bravo to you sir! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Bravo! I am a pool industry professional and I do not like with a passion Pool Salt Chlorine generators, with this problem being one of the many reasons for my strong dislike. I will not sell them or install them.

Yes, you are correct, salt water is very conductive of electricity. Factoid - It's nearly a century old technology, but lake reservoir/river management along the Pacific coast states of the USA have been using a salt water conductive technology to keep ocean sea water at bay. As fresh water flows down the many rivers, the high tide of the ocean will push back on the rivers. To prevent salt water from contaminating the fresh water areas, electrical current sensors installed at opposite ends of the river shore line send a small voltage 24/7. When salty sea water reaches the sensors and electrical current is made, it sends a signal to the Dam Management facilities to let more water out of the Dam to push back the sea water. Now you know!


Tingling sensation in salt water pool

Postby Lifevest » Tue 03 Sep, 2013 11:15

We have the same problem in our 11 year old pool. We actually just bought the beach house with pool and the management company says that this is the first year of this problem. The electrician has been working hard to resolve the tingling and the tingling seems to come and go. The electrician has now ordered a part that actually taps into the water via the pipes and grounds the pool water. Of course we have a salt water generator too.

Where are you up to on resolving your tingling larry h? I hope you have resolved it.

Tingling sensation in salt water pool

Postby davey » Tue 09 Sep, 2014 07:16

Tingling sensation in fiberglas pool w/saltwater system, even when all electricity to place shut off by power company at main power pole at least 50 ft away from pool.

That seems like an awfully long way for "stray electricity" to travel from the pole, especially since none could be detected in the ground nearby. An independent electrical engineer checked, and so did power company.

Only thing we could figure is that the rusty red iron-rich soil surrounding the old, leaky pool, got together with the salt water & acted like a battery. Not a pleasant sensation, and also quite disconcerting, since it doesn't take much electricity in water to interfere with a person's breathing or heartbeat.

We fixed it once and for all, though. Had the old pool filled in! No more pool! Yes!

Shocked and Frustrated No More!!!! :lol:

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