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pool drainage

Postby c3prn » Tue 13 May, 2008 10:56

I have lived here 3 years now and I just had a new liner installed(pool is about 12 years old). My neighbor came up while the pool was draining and complained it was going through his yard. I live in the county and there are no storm drains or ditches to run the water to. All drainage, pool or rain goes across his yard. It was almost done anyway and I told him that after the new liner was in that it may not have to be drained again for 8-10 years. I do not think he will but can he file a suit. What is the law. What are my options should this arise again. There is no way to divert to water any where else and I wish there were. I live in TN if that makes any diff on the law.

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Postby muss08 » Tue 13 May, 2008 17:55

As long as it is not causing any damgage to his home or killing his grass I dont know what he could sue for. Was it old water with no chlorine? If so he got a free lawn watering!
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