Adding sodium bicarbonate

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Adding sodium bicarbonate

Postby bobobi-wan » Fri 05 Jun, 2009 13:28

when I add sodium bicarb to raise alkalinity,it raises ph which triggers my ph monitor to lower the ph which is the same chemical that lowers alk.usually I turn off the pump to let the s/bicarb do it's there a better way to add the s/bicarb so that I don't have to turn the pump off?sometimes I forget to turn the pump back on.

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Adding sodium bicarbonate

Postby Me... » Sat 06 Jun, 2009 09:29

Trick is to not let the Alkalinity get so low you have to add that much at once. If the Alk is falling off so fast that you can't keep it bumped up with regular small additions of bicarb there must be other issues. Main one would be feeding acid too strong or too fast. In that case you need to weaken the storage solution and/or slow down the feed rate on the pH pump. If manually feeding then mix it up in a weaker solution and pour it around the pool.

Heres a little more on that if you also have an ORP system too feed chlorine. Once the pH gets bumped up the ORP will read falsely low and start feeding chlorine which of course also raises acid demand. Depending on how bad this scenario gets you can see where there could be some real issues.

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