11 year old Perfectemp Heat Pump - Repair or replace

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Perfectemp Heat Pump

11 year old Perfectemp Heat Pump - Repair or replace

Postby kevflo » Tue 19 Feb, 2019 16:17

Hi guys, i have a perfectemp heat pump that is 11 years old and was repaired in July 2017. It has broken once again and I'm wondering whether i can even justify the call out fee when I'm thinking that it is on its last legs, what do you think?

Is there lifespan way over 11 years normally?

To help justify the cost of a replacement has technology moved on in the last 11 years i.e would replacing it save me money in the long run anyway as the replacement is a lot more efficient?

Is it possible to buy silent or quiet heat pumps as it's right next to my bedroom window and is quite noisy?

Any help would be much appreciated, i am brand new to owning a pool as I'm originally from the UK and pools aren't very common there :)

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Re: 11 year old Perfectemp Heat Pump - Repair or replace

Postby Teapot » Wed 20 Feb, 2019 13:22

Hi Kev, out of interest what are the parts failing/needing replacement after 11 years?
Things have moved on a bit, different, slightly better refrigerant gasses being used. Fan blade design has improved which means less noise on some models. They have a serrated appearance on the rear edge of the fan blades which makes the unit quieter as it reduces that chop noise as the next blade cuts into the airflow. Very similar idea used to quieten jet aircraft.
Biggest improvement if the budget allows is the inverter drive variable speed models, they cost more initially but recoup that on running cost except when it's really cold. Because they can run at slower speeds for keeping the hot just topped up rather than full on or off they are much quieter and reduced defrost cycles as they are not full on all the time.

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