Which uses more gas - larger or smaller heater?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Which uses more gas - larger or smaller heater?

Postby rcmcdee » Sun 29 Sep, 2019 13:05

We have a small 12,000 gallon indoor pool that previously was heated with a RayPak 333,000 BTU unit that just died. As I am looking into replacement possibilities it seems that heater was grossly oversized. I am considering a Hayward H150FDP 150,000 BTU unit but my wife hears that we should buy the H250FDP 250,000 BTU unit because it will heat faster. Given that it is an indoor pool in NY's Hudson Valley that will be used year round, we will basically be maintaining a constant temperature. Which of these units would use more gas to maintain that constant temperature? I currently cycle the pump for 3 hours twice daily.


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Re: Which uses more gas - larger or smaller heater?

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 29 Sep, 2019 16:57

Obviously the larger one would burn more gas but come up to temperature quicker and shut off
The smaller one will take longer to get up to temperature burning more gas for a longer period
The solution to to get an accurately sized heater for your pool

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