Floating Reflective covers to prevent overheating of pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Floating Reflective covers to prevent overheating of pool

Postby JohnnyG » Fri 13 Aug, 2021 17:02

I have a 16x32' in-ground pool that is pretty shallow overall (3' => 4.5') and gets all day sun.
When we have consecutive days of heat waves and full sun, it can overheat the pool very quickly.

I'm looking for some floating reflecting discs (silver material like you use for your car dashboard/windshield to keep the inside from overheating), that I can toss in the pool when not in use and easily collect them from the pool surface when we do want to use the pool. I'd like to avoid a full 16'x32' cover - that's just going to be too bulky/heavy to manage day-to-day.
I think a nice collection of these 'discs' as I'm calling them - maybe 3' to 4' in diameter would make more sense and cover enough of the surface to reduce my heating issue.

I've not been able to find these online - maybe I'm not using the correct terminology? Anyone have any links I can check into? Thanks. -john

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