Jandy JXI 400 Power Distribution Board Burned

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Jandy JXI 400 Power Distribution Board Burned

Postby TerryMandich » Sat 09 Sep, 2023 19:52

So, the other morning my wife came in from swimming and said that she didn't think that the heater was working. I checked and neither was the pump. I noticed a clicking noise coming from the heater. The problem was that one half of the 240 V 40A had burned out. After replacing the breaker the pump worked, but the heater was completely dead. I was hoping for a fuze, but it was fine. Then on the PBD I noticed that it was burned out next to the connector that goes to the blower. The clicking noise had stopped. Jandy allows this heater to run on 120 or 240 and it is wired for 240.

My concern is with the blower motor. Apparently it was trying to run on 1/2 of the 240V line or 120V. I'm sure it wasn't happy and was drawing too much current, and the clicking noise was a thermal on the motor. I'm making a lot of assumptions. I've ordered the PBD, but I'm wondering if there is a way of testing the blower. I have no idea why it has 5 wires. Does anyone know what the resistance reading should be between the individual wires that go to the blower motor.

If anyone knows what the resistance reading should be on the transformer because I'd like to check it before I fire everything back up. (Perhaps "fire" is a poor choice of words).

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