Heater Display Not Working

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Heater Display Not Working

Postby R1chF » Thu 31 Aug, 2017 20:33

We have a Jandy Legacy Pool and Spa heater (model LRZ Electronic) that we used for the first time this season last weekend. The heater functioned well for most of the night, but when I went to lower the temperature toward the end of the night, I noticed that the display had stopped working. The temperature had started dropping on its own by then as well. I am very new to the pool/spa world as this unit was already in place when we moved into our new home recently. Does anyone know what might have caused this to happen, and what repair I might be able to do myself to rectify the issue? Is this as simple as replacing a fuse or is there a bigger issue here. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Heater Display Not Working

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 01 Sep, 2017 03:51

I doubt you will get an answer here

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