Hayward H400 heat exchanger support

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 24×12×5 fiberglass insert. Pentair intelliflow/Hayward 400K heater.

Hayward H400 heat exchanger support

Postby DadPool » Wed 18 Mar, 2020 12:13

[url]I bought a house a year ago that came with this pool heater (Hayward H400). The heat exchanger had been leaking salt water on to the internals to the point that everything has disintegrated from corrosion. I have been trying to by the support housing and bottom heat diffuser plate, but it seems that they sell every part but the internals. Anybody have any used parts that they would be pulling to sell or have a good link for an aftermarket assembly?
https://www.mypool.com/Parts-Diagrams/h ... es-ed2.asp

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