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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Wood Stove pool heater

Postby ogopogodude » Sun 21 Jun, 2020 00:22

Hello ... many years ago, I disconnected my (Hayward) natural gas pool heater altogether. But now I am wanting to get a wood stove pool heater like I saw on youtube. I live in Canada, and there is a company that makes an incredible product.

There are two sizes (regular and mega large for larger pools). This company (WSP) makes a heater (wood stove) that even can cook pizzas (or whatever) as they incorporated a pizza oven above the wood burning chamber. This doesn't really interest me, though, since I already have an outdoor pizza oven.

What are people's thoughts about this product ? (WSP) Here is the reason why I am thinking of doing this method of heating my pool : I have a LOT of wood to burn as well as ... well, .. crap. This fuel is f r e e . I like free, as everybody does....

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