Hayward H250 NG heater

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward heater

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Hayward H250 NG heater

Postby bekrizizke » Fri 26 Jun, 2020 09:47

I have a 9 year old Hayward H250 Pool heater. I have the BD code due to a F4 fuse that keeps blowing. I changed the blower thinking that was the issue. F4 blew again so I put the old blower back in. I then bought a new control board and the F4 fuse blew again. Upon start up, the error clears for a bit with a new fuse. When the blower kicks in, F4 blows again. Do you think it could be a combination of blower and ICB? Or should I replace the fuse board? Thoughts?

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