3/4 HP boost pump enough for Solar?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 16' x 32' 18k gallon in ground saltwater, vinyl lined, Hayward salt cell, DE filter, 1 HP pump, 3/4 HP Polaris booster pump

3/4 HP boost pump enough for Solar?

Postby bgmac » Thu 10 Dec, 2020 21:11

Looking to add solar heater panels on my 2nd story roof. I have 2 pumps, a 1 HP primary and a 3/4 HP Polaris boost (PB4-60) pump for the pool sweeper. I was thinking about T-ing off the booster pump with a valve to direct the full discharge up to panels on the roof. Being a 2 story house, I would guess it would be around 25 feet of head/height added.

Would the 3/4 boost pump be enough flow or do I need to upgrade the main pump and run the panels from that? It would be a lot easier the way the plumbing is set up to run of the booster pump.

Thanks for any advice.

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