Wood Stove Pool Heaters

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I'm new here
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Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby ets80 » Sun 30 Dec, 2012 20:34

From our experience, we have removed one that had a flue pipe that went thru the eave of the house. Homeowner stated he had to install a chimney because of the smoke that was accumulating around the pool. After the extreme cost of setting this up, he stated the heat was uncontrollable and the cost of the wood made his venture a failure

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I'm new here
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Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby wimbushmechanical » Fri 08 Mar, 2013 22:25

I have not tried this but have been kicking the idea around myself. My plan was to use it to heat the house in the winter and the pool in the summer. I live in the country and have access to wood, and straw.
Since I am in the business I wanted to try and make something that looked professional, and if I could solve the challenges it presents, perhaps market it.
The obvious problems are how do you control the heat and how do you make it operate without becoming a slave to it. I have thought about using a temperature controlled water flow diverting valve so that when the heat in the house/pool is no longer needed the flow is diverted away from these loads. This controls the amount of heat presented to the loads, but in no way controls the amount of fuel being consumed. When the loads are satisfied the heat created is wasted. This can create some troubles as you can end up creating steam which can cause excessive pressures and safety issues. The other concern is preventing freeze-up, if the system is allowed to cool in the winter. Anti-freeze or Glycol is an option for the winter but it creates environmental problems and heat transfer problems.
A heat exchanger would be required between the glycol and the pool water which can be expensive.

I think that this is the kind of thing that a do-it-yourself person could have fun creating, but it will always look like hell and be more trouble than its worth.
I would sure like to be proven wrong, and if someone has a design I definitely would like to see it.

Re: Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby Shadowbenny26 » Fri 03 Nov, 2017 08:11

Pool Clown wrote:warmwatersolutions.com

better option woodstovepools.com
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Re: Wood Stove Pool Heaters

Postby azulverde » Mon 13 Nov, 2017 06:19

You can convert a barrel into a simple swimming pool heater. Divert the water using a pool pump. Use recycled paper logs and pallet wood for fuel.  

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