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pool heater plumbing

Postby justden » Mon 10 Mar, 2008 13:38

Hello to all,
I recently purchased a home with a indoor pool that is heated with a geothermal heat pump. The problem I am having is I keep getting brown staining on the fiberglass pool and the water is a light blue. I have used stain free and metal free to remove the stain but it keeps coming back. I have determined it is copper in the water causing the staining. I believe the copper is coming from the heater and copper lines attached to it. It looks like there is to much water flowing through the heat exchanger, I have heard that to much flow through copper can erode the copper. I keep checking my PH to make sure it is not to low, causing the problem. Anyone have any ideas or know of a web site that may help.

Thanks for your help,


Stains in pool

Postby littlejeannie » Mon 10 Mar, 2008 17:06

I would have to believe your staining problems stem from the copper pipe you have plumbed into your heat pump. I would remove the copper and install PVC schedule 40. If your heat pump is relatively new it's most likely made out of titanium not copper. Keeping your swimming pool balanced is key make sure if you have a salt generator or chemical dispenser it's down line after your heat pump not before it for if it's installed before it the chemicals will melt away your heat pump or any pool heater for that fact.
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Postby muss08 » Fri 14 Mar, 2008 18:10

Use a sequestering agent to keep the metal in solution. PVC would definitely help but the only way to remove the copper already in the water is to drain and refill.
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Postby DBServices » Wed 19 Mar, 2008 20:56

Your water chemistry is the problem. You need to check your saturation index and adjust to + or - .2. The green water is your cooper lines that are being eaten by the aggressive water.
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