Heat Pump..opinion on Gulf Stream or Aqua Cal?

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Re: Heat Pump..opinion on Gulf Stream or Aqua Cal?

Postby Teapot » Mon 20 Nov, 2017 11:21

I have a feeling I am going to be wasting my time but here goes anyway.
Look at the new inverter heat pumps, way more efficient as they can vary their speed to suit rather than full on, full off so saving the owner a lot over the years.


Re: Heat Pump..opinion on Gulf Stream or Aqua Cal?

Postby Ralph » Wed 29 Nov, 2017 16:37

I have a 6 year hold Gulf stream 110,000 BTU pool heater.. It hasn't been very reliable especially for the little amount of time that we actually use it that the compressor just died on...
A few years ago it had a free-on leak and a switch needed replacement. That was repaired under warranty

Yesterday I found out the compressor is kaput!! and it is not under warranty ... Now I understand why Gulf Stream is the only company with a 5 year warranty where must of the others are either 7 or 10!

Doing my shopping right now for a complete new heater and it will not be another Gulf Stream. It will be either Aqua Cal or Pentair

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