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m80 heater

Postby mbeuro » Mon 20 Sep, 2010 19:52

I have a military m80 water heater. at 9 gallons per minute it raises the outlet temp 100 degrees. It is multifuel and I make biodiesel for it. What do you think about using it for my pool in the winter ? Of course more than 9 gallons a minute the max temp would go down. Any body have any comments about it?

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m80 heater

Postby lbridges » Tue 21 Sep, 2010 09:14

Pools take an incredible amount of energy to heat. It takes 8.34 BTUs to raise one gallon of water one degree. 9 gallons a minute implies 4503 BTUs output in one hour. (correct number is 450360 BTUs)

In my pool (16K gallons) - if I wanted to raise the water temp by say 5 degrees I would need to run your heater the following amount of time:

16,000 gallons*8.34BTU/(Gallon-degree)*5 degree=667,200 BTUs to raise 16k gallons 5 degrees

667,200 BTUs / (4503 BTUs/Hour)= 148.17 hours (or 29.67 hours for a one degree rise in temp for a 16K gallon pool).

There are other factors to consider such as evaporation and resultant heat loss, wind/sun, etc., but I figured this was enough to show it wouldn't be economical for use unless the fuel source is free.

edit - forgot your system raises the temp 100 degrees - divide the numbers above by 100 - not as bad as I calculated - math in public sucks :oops:

m80 heater

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Oct, 2010 23:20

This heater is 400,000 btu's Got it up and running. My pool is 24,000 gallons. It took abour an hour and a half to raise the temp 3.5 degrees. It took about 5 gallons of diesel fuel. Im happy with it.

m80 heater

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Oct, 2010 23:23

By the way I started out at water temp 81 degrees. It is 60 degrees outside and the water temp flowing into the pool is 122 degrees :)

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