Equipment on but jets aren't working

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Equipment on but jets aren't working

Postby Corry » Tue 05 Apr, 2011 11:55

I am new to caring for a pool. We just had a terrible rain and my pool is now bright green. I replaced the chlorine tabs and emptied the filter that is next to the equipment. At first the jets were not working at all, but after I cleaned this filter they seem to be just barely working. There is hardly any pressure behing the jets. I called my old roommate and he said I should backwash it. Would this help or does it sound like a bad pump?

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I'm new here
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Equipment on but jets aren't working

Postby POOLTECH420 » Tue 05 Apr, 2011 22:11

Do the backwash and if this dosn't work!!then im going to need to know what method of filtration you are useing!!thank you

Equipment on but jets aren't working

Postby Guest » Wed 06 Apr, 2011 19:18

I agree with pooltech420 in backwashing first, but when I would have this problem after a sudden rainfall, I'd shock it with liquid chlorine with the filtration system operating. there are 3 basic filtration setups:

1. Sand (least efficient)
2. Cartridge (better than sand, not as good as D.E.)
3. D.E. (Diatemaceous earth---most efficient of the 3 types)

Check your pressure gauge. Each system has a "start up" pressure. This is the pressure showing on the gauge when the filter has just been thoroughly cleaned. Example: Your DE., cartridge, or sand filter has just been thoroughly cleaned, and your pressure on the gauge reads 10 lbs. (note: make sure when you shut off the system that the pressure drops to zero to verify that the gauge is operating). Backwash, or thoroughly clean your filter when the reading on the pressure gauge reads about 8-10 lbs. higher that your starting pressure---in this example 18-20 lbs. If the pressure reading is below the 10 psi (initial starting pressure in this example) check the hair and lint pump basket for excessive debris. Make sure the basket isn't broken. If it is, replace it! Clean out and start the system up. Open the air relief valve on top of the filter until a steady stream of water comes out, then close it and check to see that system is operating at the starting pressure, in this example 10 lbs. If it is operating below the starting pressure (10 psi in our example) then you probably have an air leak in the suction side of the pump, or a clogged impellor. Let me know if that helps
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I'm new here
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Equipment on but jets aren't working

Postby twistedemotion » Sun 24 Apr, 2011 05:35

Im sure im gonna need these information when my pool will be finished.
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I'm new here
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Equipment on but jets aren't working

Postby daworm80 » Mon 09 Jun, 2014 14:08

I have an issue here with no pressure coming out of my jets. I have a DE filter. My pressure inside is fine. My suction side is fine, but I have no water coming from my returns. After taking everything apart, I know it is most likely a clog between the chlorinator and the jets. I've tried my shop vac, snaking, and a CO2 drain clearer. Any other options?

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