Bought house with pool - filled it. Now what?

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Bought house with pool - filled it. Now what?

Postby Spinball » Sun 18 Dec, 2011 14:43

It's an indoor pool 8m x 4m x 1.3m and full of water.
There's a pump and filter and heating unit.
But when I switch the pump on (it makes what I think is the right noise), no water flows out of the inlet.
There is a pressure meter on the filter which doesn't change.
What do I check?
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Pool Newbie
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Bought house with pool - filled it. Now what?

Postby zippy_gg » Fri 23 Dec, 2011 12:16

I would remove the clear cover on top of the pump and fill with water to prime the pump. Otherwise your pump may just be sucking air and eventually get damaged as it is not cooled by water running through it.

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