New Bod, empty dirty pool - where do I start?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Bod, empty dirty pool - where do I start?

Postby trenery » Mon 19 Mar, 2012 08:25

OK, so here it is. My first pool which has just been inherited by a house move. It hasn't been used for about 4 years. At first it looked fine but after taking the winter cover off we quickly discovered 12" of algae and slush on the bottom. So we drained it, got the newts out and gave it a good jet wash.

It is an in ground liner pool 3m x 6m x 1.5m (roughly 7000 US Gals). There is a sand filter and I am just about to replace the sand.

A have loads of questions and after trawling the internet and this forum and I am even more confused as to which way I should go. But I hope you can help me with a few initial questions.

1) Should I clean the stained liner with a bleach solution and scrub it before filling with water?
2) Once filled, do I need to shock it or just add a stabilised chlorine until I get a stable 3ppm
3) Should I use baking soda to get TA to 100'ish before adjusting PH?

I assume that once CYA is over 30 I can switch over to bleach.

Any assistance greatly received.



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Swimming Pool Wizard
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New Bod, empty dirty pool - where do I start?

Postby cpo2go » Wed 23 May, 2012 12:28

Your plan of attack sounds good to me. I don't have a tomn of experience with vinyl liners but, if you haven't found anything specific for cleaning them, I think that's fine. I would do more research on that, though, just because I would if it was my pool.
Once filled, you don't actually need to 'shock' the water. Test your fill water befopre it goes in to get a starting point. You definitely want to get your alkalinity right before you adjust pH. Good call! You've obviously learned more than you thought from these forums.
Good Luck!!
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