Purchased home with POOL and LOST!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Purchased home with POOL and LOST!

Postby Jneaves » Fri 25 May, 2012 13:54

Problem: Recently purchased house with, excitingly, a pool! Unfortunetaly, it's not up to par. Just had the water tested and the guy basically giggled at my lack of pool knowledge so here I am hoping for some "understanding" help! The biggest issue I can gather is the high CYA ammount. Been reading that some drain pool completely and some add certain things. The guy at the pool location said to drain about 2 feet and refill to lower the amount.

FC: 0
TC: 0
pH: <7
TA: 0
CH: Calcium Hardness - 100
CYA: 120
TDS: 500
Phosphates: 500

My pool: Around 9k gallon above ground.
Pool chemicals: None right now. Sadly.
My pump & filter: Dream Line model S190TSCPE sand filter. Hayward pump, not sure which model.
Other info: The seller of the house told me he "shocked" it with a cap full of this stuff called Re-Fresh which I see nothing even mentioning shock on it anywhere. Currently, has a floater with 2 (3inch) chlorine tablets floating around. Which probably isn't doing a whole lot! ANY help and suggestions would be phenomenal and highly appreciated. Also would like to hear about others with similar pools to share some experiences and stories!

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Purchased home with POOL and LOST!

Postby cpo2go » Fri 25 May, 2012 14:44

Ok, I would drain more than half of the water to reach a manageable CYA level. Draining half would get you to a 60ppm. Ideally, you'd like to end up between 30-50ppm. 60 is ok but don't use dichlor or trichor or the CYA will continue to rise.
I own a company who has developed an online water calculator to help pool owners with their chemistry. Shameless plug, but, I put your numbers in and got the following results:

Alkalinity is out of range and on the low side (below 90ppm).
Add 10.84 lbs (173.44 oz) of Sodium Bicarbonate.
This will result in an estimated increase in pH of 0.98.
Your new estimated pH will be 7.88.
We need to decrease your pH by 0.38.
Add 10.94 fl oz of Muriatic Acid (31.4%).
The Calcium Hardness is out of range (on the low side).
Add 13.2 lbs of Calcium Chloride (100%).
We need to raise your Free Available Chlorine by 3.5ppm to reach 3.5ppm
Add 33.71 fl oz of Sodium Hyperchlorate (12%) OR
Add 6.62 oz of Dichlor (62%) OR
Add 4.73 oz of Trichlor

The chlorine amounts are to obtain a 3.5ppm but you probably want to add more to really get the pool cleared up fast.
I used 6.9 for a pH reading since all you had was <7 and I put in a temperature of 70 degrees to fill in the fiormula used for water balance.
Every pool is different and you'll figure out your pool's little tweeks but this will surely get you close.
I would begin by draining half the water, refilling and testing again. I would, also, use a full gallon of liquid chlorine (12% active) to shock the water and kill any organic matter lurking in there.
Good Luck!
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