Gunite pool help, new house.

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Gunite pool help, new house.

Postby ThinRedLine » Sun 27 May, 2012 05:46

Long story short I just bought a new house and it was listed with a "gunite" pool. This pool has a concrete like bottom and sides to most all the pool. However, the first 4 feet of the pool has this PVC like edging all around the pool. It is shaped like a normal pool with what I would call a crown around the edges for people to walk on(even in the deep end) with this plastic like thing going all the way around. It appears the plastic pvc has been painted a couple times I just have no idea what it is.

Just wanted to know if anyone knows what this thing is? Can I paint it? Can I remove it(does not appear to be very well maintained)? Also it is segmented(4 feet high and 12 feet long segments I would approximate).

I've has this house a few days and managed to drain the pool and get the filter/heater going. Any advice or info on what I own would be appreciated. Or how to maintain/repair this thing.

-Confused newly-owner.

Oh and finally it does not appear to be leaking any water at all just looks like the paint on the bottom and sides needs redone.

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