Question re chlorination/solar cover/pump running times

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Question re chlorination/solar cover/pump running times

Postby SockfulofStabilizer » Mon 28 May, 2012 12:37

Hello everyone.

We have a rectangular inground pool (16'x34', 81,000 L). For the past few years, since our inline chlorinator broke, we have used regular addition of liquid chlorine for chlorination. However, this year we decided to switch to pucks and we will be using a floater (not switching back to inline because of expense and re-plumbing hassles; also we have bought a new filter, tubing, liners, solar cover, etc so I am not buying anything else). Additionally, because of changes to hydro rates, my parents want to switch to running the pump overnight. So here is my problem:

I want to chlorinate using a floater (simple plastic floater with adjustable release rate).
I want to run the pump during off-peak hours (e.g. overnight). This will save us a fair amount of money.
I want to use a solar cover overnight to retain heat, and sometimes during cooler/rainy days. We also have a gas heater that we use when we need a temperature boost.

Is it possible for me to do all of these and properly filter and chlorinate the pool?

It seems like the cover would prevent the floater from moving around during the hours when the jets are actually circulating the water about the pool. So I wouldn't be able to disperse the chlorine effectively throughout the pool. Also, I am concerned about damage to the cover and surrounding areas caused by a stationary floater releasing chlorine in one place. I also wonder if the cover affects the ability to get water from all areas eventually into the skimmer/drain and through the filter.

The best idea would probably be to tether it to a roaming vacuum but ours broke and I won't be replacing it anytime soon.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Question re chlorination/solar cover/pump running times

Postby OakParts » Tue 07 Aug, 2012 17:39

Hi there!

Yes it would be possible to do most of these things and keep your pool well circulated and chlorinated. The Pump only needs to be running around 10 to 12 hours a day. So having it run only over night should be fine. You would also want to use the pump while you are using the pool. Having the pucks floating is a good method to get chlorine into your pool. You might have to use liquid chlorine bi-weekly to keep it clean. You could also consider putting the pucks in the skimmer, ONLY if you do NOT have a heater. Having the solar blanket on is a smart way to keep the chlorine in the pool during the day as it reduces evaporation and heat loss. There might be a problem with the floater and the cover combined, like you said, because of the restriction it would give.
Also having the floater and the cover together might cause chemical damage to the solar cover, ie it would start degrading or the air bubbles bursting.

Hopefully this helps you in the decision,


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