Not opening pool this year

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pool worries

Not opening pool this year

Postby pool worries » Sat 23 Jun, 2012 19:09

****Sorry I keep posting this question in the wrong place !***

I can't afford to run the pool this year. So it's just sitting there with the cover on. it's an inground concrete pool - pretty big with a curved shape. DE filter.

What do I need to do/buy to keep it hygeinic? - someone said I need to buy a pump and still add chemicals?? Also I know that there is quite a lot of debris in it from last year because a lot of trees and bamboo overhangs the pool and I didn't have time to net it out before the pool guys came to put the cover on and close the pool in fall 2011...

So that's the state of play. Things are getting hot here ...will the pool get infested with mosquitos??. Please I have no idea what I need to do and no money to pay someone else to do it. Also will probably have to sell the house soon so I don't want the pool to be ruined through neglect - it's such a worry..

Thanks for any advice.



Not opening pool this year

Postby Guest » Sat 23 Jun, 2012 19:10

I have found out some more information. I am told the following:

Mosquito Growth keep chlorine @ 1ppm
To stop damage to plaster keep ph levels @ 7.2 to 7.8
Keep alkalinity @ between 90ppm and 120ppm
Install an inexpensive sump pump to circulate the chemicals.

So what is a sump pump what kind do I need I where can I get one from - and how much should I expect to pay?

How often do I need to test the water weekly? monthly? And I suppose I have to take the water to a place that tests it?

When do I STOP adding chemicals and using the sump pump? I'm assuming I can just leave it sit over the winter?

Does a sump pump use a lot of energy? How many hours a day should it be left on for?
TSH Tech

Not opening pool this year

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 24 Jun, 2012 03:15

A swimming pool is a luxury item, it requires $$$$money$$$$ to maintain it, even at the simplest level. When you're out of money, you're out of money. Simple as that.

I'm going to give you a suggestion, whether you heed this suggestion is up to you. Take the cover off, you will have black water in a very short time with this heat. With what little money you have left, go and buy some Mosquito eating fish. Yes, there is such a thing as Mosquito eating fish. Put the fish into the pool. Shut the pool filtration equipment off at the circuit breakers, clean the filter so it doesn't rot while unattended. Once all of that is completed, walk away, don't even worry about the pool, the fish will do the rest. It will be fine.

I've personally performed many foreclosed homes cleanups with pools that have been unattended for months and in rare instances 2 years or more. I've only been hired to work on one pool with the putrid, sewer smelling "black water". The pools with Mosquito eating fish always faired well despite the green water.
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Not opening pool this year

Postby czechmate » Sun 24 Jun, 2012 14:04

TSH Tech wrote:The pools with Mosquito eating fish always faired well despite the green water.

You forgot to mention how you train the fish to survive without oxygen in the water and in a spare time balance the PH and CSI.
Unless of course you changed the pool into a fish pond.
TSH Tech

Not opening pool this year

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 24 Jun, 2012 18:27

The fish are very resilient.

Mosquito-eating fish thrive in foreclosed pools ... 9120080612

Government officials are using hungry fish to stop an epidemic of mosquitoes breeding in swimming pools abandoned by their owners after mortgage foreclosures. ... -Mess.html

The original poster says he plans to sell the house soon. Under that guise, it doesn't appear the pool is to remain green for a long duration. The fish solution will buy enough time while solving the inevitable mosquito problem, until somebody with money to dump into the pool can keep the water crystal clear again.
pool worries

Not opening pool this year

Postby pool worries » Mon 25 Jun, 2012 08:37

I would rather go the sump pump route and then when I sell the house it will be with a clean pool hopefully.

So is the sump pump method adequate for keeping the mosquitos down?

Any idea on the type of pump and how much it would cost? - also cheap sources of chemicals?. My husband used to get them from the local pool tech store but then found somewhere cheaper. He won't help me with this the pool or give me any information.

Or can I put the chemicals in and then turn the main pool pump on to mix them in?

I really need a step by step "idiots guide" to exactly what I need to do if someone here would be kind enough to do that.

Thanks so much.

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