Shocked pool everything reading high

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Shocked pool everything reading high

Postby Danod » Mon 02 Jul, 2012 07:43

Hi, we are having problem with green water, i shocked the pool and there is no slime on the walls or floor, i've vaccumed it, the water is still a cloudy green and all the chemicals read high.
Been vacumming it and backwashing it, seems to help, everything reads normal now accept chlorine is a bit high...still a cloudy green but can see it getting better...we used well water...i'm thinking that may be the problem...any suggestions?

chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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Shocked pool everything reading high

Postby chem geek » Tue 03 Jul, 2012 20:23

Keep the filter running 24/7 and keep the chlorine level up. If the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level is high, you may need to do a partial drain/refill to lower it. Read Defeating Algae.

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