Water treatment

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Water treatment

Postby bootsyswife » Thu 05 Jul, 2012 00:02

I just bought one of those 10x30 pop up pools today, after spending the day filling and leveling I now can't figure out how much of each chemical to put in and when to put each in. the pool says its 900 gallons (although online it says 1300 gallons) I have the hth start up kit with step 1,2,3 step 1 is the balance (stabilizer and conditioner), step 2 in sanitizer (chlorinating granules) and step 3 is shock and swim. please dont think Im stupid but this stuff in a completely different language for me. If someone could give me the measurements of how much to put in before I test atleast to get me started.

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Water treatment

Postby chem geek » Thu 05 Jul, 2012 11:01

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