Pressure Gague on Sand filter

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Pressure Gague on Sand filter

Postby Reedy » Fri 27 Jul, 2012 03:38

Hi everyone, just bought a house with a below ground pool so learning very quickly at the moment. My question is that my pump is running but my pressure gauge on the sand filter is only showing 10 psi. There is water coming from the jets in the pool but not very strong. I have checked the pump basked and looked inside the pump arm for debris but nothing. I have checked the skimmer basket and made sure that is clear. I have also backwashed the filter. I have tried everything i can think of, but is there anything else i could do.

Thank you for all you help

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pressure Gague on Sand filter

Postby poolboy_Crete » Thu 02 Aug, 2012 08:36


the pressure reading sounds fine to me. however there could be a multitude of reasons why you have poor flow. without knowing more info about your pool i can only speculate im sorry.

it could be as simple as you have many jets in your pool (a few in the walls, a few in the floor etc) and that the return flow spread out over all these jets just results in poor flow at each individual one. do you have seperate valves in your pool pump/filter room to control seperete return jets? if so try turning one or a few of them down/off and see if that increases the flow from your desired jets. but keep an eye on the pressure gauge though.

do you know how old the sand is in your filter or when it was last changed? it cant hurt to get the top off and break the sand up a bit with a broom handle or something, but be carefull as you dont want to damage the diffuser arms at the bottom. theyre very brittle!

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