Pool Covers and Solar Blankets

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Pool Covers and Solar Blankets

Postby poolfilters » Mon 06 Aug, 2012 03:53

We live in central Florida. Our pool has a birdcage, protecting it from bugs, leaves etc. It also has a bubble type cover. Here I just want to know that if we will be away for a month and a friend will monitor chlorine level etc. Should we keep the pool covered for the month or uncovered? What are the pros and cons?

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Covers and Solar Blankets

Postby poolboy_Crete » Mon 06 Aug, 2012 07:47

covered. definately.

just make sure your freind is competent in maintaining chlorine levels, water level (if its not got a self leveler) emptying any skimmer baskets (if appliccable) and generally just keeping an eye on it, and under it. your birdcage will help a great deal but im sure the odd lizard or whatever probably gets in and you dont want anything like that rotting in the bottom/basket for a month!

without the bubble cover youd come back to a swamp. freind or no freind.


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