Slide valve broke off in piping

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Slide valve broke off in piping

Postby Guest » Sat 06 Oct, 2012 13:22

The bottom part of the slide valve for my pool filter broke off some time ago (month or so). Normally, I could just fish the broken piece out of the tubing that it broke in, however, my tubing extends underground into my hot tub.

I've fished a flashlight down into the tubing up to the point where it angles toward the hot tub, with no piece in sight :(

So, my question is, how bad would it be to just leave that piece in the pipes? Is is *essential* that I tear up my backyard to find that piece?

Here's the kind of slide valve I have:


I'm new here
I'm new here
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Slide valve broke off in piping

Postby dazole » Sat 06 Oct, 2012 13:24

This is actually my post. For some reason, I wasn't signed in when I submitted it, heh! :crazy:

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