Is this Scale or What?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Is this Scale or What?

Postby dynamix » Fri 21 Dec, 2012 17:47

Not sure what to call this. Is this what they call scale? I went to Leslies pool and the guy said I could poor 2 bottles of Ultimate Scale & Stain Remover. Its been over a month and nothing has changed. He then sold me a Pumice stone but it disintegrates so fast it will only rub off a little bit at a time. Any ideas on how I can remove whatever is on my plaster pool? I want to try and get this thing back to the white that you can see under it all. Image

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

TSH Tech

Is this Scale or What?

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 21 Dec, 2012 23:49

Scaling typically refers to the pool tile condition.

Based upon the picture you've submitted as is, this is my initial guess -

Your plaster appears to be over 8 years old, maybe in the neighborhood of 15 years old or more. The plaster looks blotchy, pitted and almost approaching the gunite layer. Step edges are missing smooth curvature of plaster lines. Overall, this looks like a normal aged plaster pool.
The answer you probably don't want to hear; there's nothing on the market that can make this look new and smooth again. You will require a re-plaster job or a pool paint epoxy job.

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