In escrow for 25yr gunite pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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In escrow for 25yr gunite pool

Postby Infgunsac » Thu 26 Sep, 2013 02:43

Hello everyone! I just happened on this great site. Thanks for all the good information. I am currently in escrow for a house in Sacramento which has a 25yr gunite pool. Our house inspector did a cursory pool inspection and noted the pool finish coating is worn and the bottom water jets are not working. There does not appear to be any cracks. I embarrassed to say that I don't know the size of the pool and have not asked the sellers for maintanence records- which I will definitely find out. My questions are:

1. Would anyone get a formal pool inspection?
2. Repaint/recoat the worn coating or does the gunite need resurfacing?
3. How affective are the bottom water jets for cleaning? Worth repair?

Thanks in advance!

TSH Tech

In escrow for 25yr gunite pool

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 30 Sep, 2013 03:01

My company has been doing green-to-clean pools on foreclosed homes for a mortgage company for a few years now, and some surprisingly have been in Sacramento County. I'll give you a rundown of some of the basics needed to get you up and running. I am a pool professional, not a escrow professional, so I will only suggest things that pertain to the pool. If you can imagine, we've seen it all.

One of the things we've noticed about homes needing to pass escrow in Sacramento County, Sacramento City limits may be a different story, but Sacramento County homes need the basic essentials. 1) a descent pool surface 2) clean water in the pool 3)running pump and filter 4) electrical safety in place ie: ground fault interrupters, bonding ground wire, safe connections, etc. Out of observation, this is all that was needed to get the house to pass escrow. Misc items such as the pool light, pool sweep, solars were not important.

Your question 1 -
Ask your realtor or whoever is moving the sale of the home if they would prefer a formal pool inspection. A home inspector knows homes, but a pool inspector knows pools inside and out. Usually, an experienced pool service offers pool inspections and can prepare a report with photos. Typically, the owner or one of their seasoned guys can do it, because they've been in the business a while to know what they're inspecting. I believe what they are looking for in these inspections are vital safety issues, equipment functionality and condition. A pool inspection will reveal more details, may even find more things that need addressing.

Your question 2 -
This may depend on a pool inspection report. Plaster that is worn down to the gunite will not pass. Plaster that is a little rough, missing some areas of plaster, but not down to the gunite may squeak by. It depends.
Out of observation, we've notice mortgage companies have gone with a pool paint route rather than replaster. The biggest determining factor is cost. Pool painting ballparks at $2500 whereas a replaster ballparks at $4500. Usually they just want to get it painted so the house will sell.

Your question 3 -
If this is in reference to those automated "pop-up" floor cleaner systems... I'm going to give you my honest professional opinion about those floor cleaners: They are crap. Total crap.
Now, though my response is a bit brash, I just cut to the chase. The functionality of these are not important, but if one of the pop-up inserts is missing, then they may pose a problem in passing. I'd recommend putting a cap over it to pass. Are they worth fixing? NO! Abandon all foolish notions of trying to repair them. By the time all is said and done, you could have bought a Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner which is one of the best and bulletproof pool vacuums on the market.

I hope this gives you some more insight. If you have more questions, feel free to reply. I will check back periodically

TSH Tech - "G".

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