inherited scummy pool

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just sun
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inherited scummy pool

Postby just sun » Wed 27 Apr, 2016 20:45

recently bought a home and the property included 24' above ground pool. The house had been unlived in for several years and no pool maintenance had been done throughout that time. The water is pretty clear, but there are some serious dead leaves on the bottom and some significant algae. There was a rumor that a dead dog had been in the water a few years back. Is it safe to keep the water or should the pool be drained and refilled? The filter pump seems to work, but has no hoses and no test kit ( those are probably a good place to start). The state of the house when we moved in was pretty bad, and the personal hygiene of the previous owners is a little suspect. Will chemicals be enough to get the water clean enough to swim in?


Re: inherited scummy pool

Postby Sutro_SmartMonitor » Tue 21 Jun, 2016 14:55

You should check out our smart monitor! I definitely think it's something you're looking for - it will help monitor your pools levels, tell you what needs adjustments, and how to do it, all via an app! That way you aren't spending tons of money on chemicals you don't need, or pool people. You can make your pool safe on your own.

Plus, we're currently inviting new pool owners to join our beta testing program.

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Shannon
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Re: inherited scummy pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 21 Jun, 2016 16:06

If the cost of replacing the water isn't to expensive it will give you piece of mind to replace it with a clean pool
Get yourself
Test Kit
Liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)
Muriatic acid (Hydrochloric acid)
Stabilisor (Cyanuric acid)
A means to aerate the pool (I use a heavy duty pond aerator)
When the pool is filled, test it and adjust
Use the pool school to get started or post your readings back here

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