Setting Up PopUp Pool For Summer

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Setting Up PopUp Pool For Summer

Postby MomofBoys » Wed 01 Jun, 2016 11:17

I have a 12ft x 36" (3ft) Intex Pop Up Pool. Bought it last summer and used it, had some algea issues towards the end of the summer. I want to avoid that and do things right this time around.

So, I just filled the pool and we bought the next size up filter which seems to move water nicely so I think it will do a better job. My confusion is with the chemicals. I'm told I can use household bleach as opposed to all those Shock and Swim, etc pool chemicals. But, I understand if I use household bleach, I need to add cyanuric acid also so the sun doesn't burn it off. So far, is that correct?

Can you help or explain to me if this information is correct. I have a test kit that measure Chlorine, Bromine, and PH levels. My chlorine is on the low end (understandably since I just filled it) should be 2-4 I'm at 1-2, the BR is low (should be 4-6 I'm at 1-2), and PH is on target but on the low side of the target (should be 7.2-7.8 I'm at 7.2).

So, if I add Bleach - this will raise my other levels correct? Then I need to add cyanuric acid as well? Also, when do I add these and when do I run the filter.

Thanks - just trying to figure it all out to avoid the pool turning green. 8-)

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