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I'm new here
I'm new here
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(I have an accepted offer on a house with a swimming pool and have some serious catching up to do!)

The adventure of buying a house with a pool

Postby TheOtherJohn » Thu 23 Jun, 2016 15:08

I looked over our potential pool with a Pool Guy.

He said it is in good shape for a pool that's about 50 years old. However the surface has been sorely neglected for who knows how many years. The pool is functioning, and the water is clean, but the bottom has two (visible) layers of paint. The bottom layer is probably the old rubber chlorinated paint, in a few small areas this was worn through to bare concrete.

Above that was another paint that clearly had not bonded with the first layer, and this was pealing like crazy. I've attached an above view of the pool to get the idea of the scope. When closer, there's peeling throughout the area that looks ok from this angle. Pool Guy said it wasn't properly applied, and he couldn't say how long since it was last painted. Clearly years though.

So, options. Given the pool size - 48' x 20' and 9' in the middle of the deep end - he said it would cost $4500 to $6000 to sandblast the current paint off, plus $3000 to paint it. I wasn't informed enough to ask if that was for epoxy paint or not - but given the price I hope so. He also said it could "probably" be power washed and painted, later saying he thinks power washing would remove all of the loose paint. I have a call in to get another estimate.

Do those prices sound right, and does anyone have experience with a similarly aged pool and the given options? Gah this is stressful. And a lot of $$.


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