Help! I'm lost.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help! I'm lost.

Postby anstewart9642 » Thu 30 Jun, 2016 16:54

Okay. I'm new, and I've tried google-ing ideas. Here's my story:

I bought a 14'x42" Coleman pool set. We installed it about two weeks ago. I hadn't had time between work, my child, and the flooding in our area to mess with it yet. So, I tested the waters with a test strip yesterday afternoon, and everything was on the lowest scale possible. Which makes sense. So, I pulled out the shock I had ordered, tossed it in, turned the pump on and left it be. We turned the pump off before we went to bed. It ran about 4-5 hours at least. This morning, I walked out and checked it again. The chlorine and alkaline levels were perfect, but the pH was still low. I googled what to do, and found out about soda ash. Since it read on the lowest point, I tossed in about 300 grams, and I turned the pump on. I put a chlorine tablet in the little floating device and left the pool alone for 6 hours.
I just checked it again, and it's reading the same as before I did the shock.


Any and all advice is welcome!

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